Saturday, May 22, 2010

While listening to Sade...

Hey Bellas,

I'm back! Finals are O-V-E-R! And thus ends the most taxing, infuriating, and challenging semester of my college career! Hallelujah! I had two weeks between the end of my Spring Semester, and the beginning of my Summer semester. One down, one to go. Last week I spent my time decompressing! I didn't go anywhere for 6 days straight! I've spent my time reading, online shopping, baking for my family, spoiling Max, listening to Sade, and watching DVD's of The Big Bang Theory & the last 6 new episodes of LOST on my DVR! I've had a BLAST!

My hair is a MESS, and I don't care! I haven't even thought about putting on my wig. I literally look like a wild women. But after all the weeks of studying I had to do in order to pass my statistics class, my appearance is the LAST thing I'm worried about. So, far be it for me to do any product reviews, when my hair is obviously in need of help and prayer. LOL

However, I can make some other recommendations. For those of you who like history and/or romance novels, allow me to introduce you to the author Beverly Jenkins. I have been devouring her novels for the past week (I have 5 more on the way), and let me tell you, she is the TRUTH! So interesting, so romantic, so exciting! You will not be disappointed! Here's a link to her Amazon Page. I started off with Indigo. I own and have read HUNDREDS of African American Fiction, however Indigo, by Beverly Jenkins is the BEST book I've ever read. PERIOD!

Let's see.....I think that's all I wanted to, if you've been wondering what Southern Bella's been up to, I've been vegging out.....doing absolutely nothing....and loving every minute of it! LOL

So, I hope all is well with you and yours. And I'll be back soon with some product reviews when I decide to stop looking like a crazy woman, and actually do something with my hair! :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

RANT: The Great Penny Debate

These past three weeks I've been noticing a new trend that has really started to tick me off. Cashiers keeping my change. Granted, I'm not talking about quarters or dimes, but still.....since when did the penny stop being considered money??

Twice a week I'm pressed for time and starving, so I find myself sitting in a drive through line grabbing something quick to eat. Every time, I order the same thing. Every time, my total is $4.97. Every time, I pass the cashier (whomever they may be) a $5 bill. Every time, they pass me my receipt WITHOUT my 3 cents in change! (As I type this, I know that I sound like a crazy woman, ranting over 3 cents.....I'm actually debating whether I should even post this rant at all because the more I write, the dumber it sounds........nope......I'm still pissed.....I'm posting it! On with the rant.....)

I know there are far bigger issues for me to take a stand over. I know that my time would be more useful if I channeled it into studying for my finals, or if I reminded my neighbors to fill out their census forms, or if I taught my new puppy how to come when I call his name. However, this penny thing has me pissed.

And this hasn't just happened to me at my favorite burger joint either. It happened at a discount store last Tuesday. My total was $9.98, I passed the cashier a $10 bill, and he passed me my receipt. The End. What the hell??

My friends and family are sick of hearing about me and my stolen pennies. They've all told me to leave it alone and start paying with my debit card to eliminate confusion. They say nobody uses cash anymore, and after all, its just a few pennies, and what am I gonna do with a purse full of pennies anyway? I say, that's not the damn point. My point is, money is money. If we start letting cashiers keep our pennies, what's next? Quarters? Dollars? Letting them write checks to themselves? ( I know....too far.)

So, my few dedicated readers, what should I do? Take a stand, and demand my pennies from now on? Or, should I just shut up and take my receipt....after all, it's just a penny.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Time for a New Style!

Well, I realized today that I will NOT be able to make it through the rest of the Spring and the coming Summer, wearing a wig! Nope, not gonna happen! Louisiana is far too hot and humid, and I am far too hot-natured, to wear my natural hair braided underneath a stocking cap, underneath a wig! Talk about sweltering! I got a taste of the heat today, it was about 80 degrees, and I was MISERABLE! So, I realized that I need a new protective style for the upcoming heat, as I continue my transition. So, I am considering getting micro-braids.

The hair that I have chosen is the same hair that SongBirdDiva4Life did a review on a few weeks ago. (Click the link to see the hair in all its big, curly, GLORY!! It is BEAUTIFUL!) This is how the hair looks straight out of the pack, freshly installed.

It will curl up more after it's spritzed with some H2O. I'm still unsure though, so it's time for a Pro's and Con's List!

***Pro's for Micro-Braids***
  • Somewhat low maintenance.
  • I will still be able to shampoo my scalp without disturbing the style too much.
  • Instead of having to get my whole head re-braided, I'll just have to get my edges touched-up when they start looking frizzy.
  • They are LONG lasting! I am planning to wear this protective style from May-September(Labor Day), so around 4 months. I'd probably get them touched up once a month to keep them looking fresh.
  • Most importantly, my scalp will be able to breath!!
***Con's for Micro-Braids***
  • The install time could be extensive! I have a big head, and a lot of thick hair. The last time I got micro's it took 24 hours! Granted, a non-professional installed them,and we had to keep stopping because of........... various interruptions (*side-eye*) but still......when I think about getting those micro's installed, my butt starts to hurt all over again! If it weren't for my best-friend keeping me company (thanks, Carlos!), I would have left with half my head braided and NEVER come back!
  • I will have to find a Professional my neck of the woods this will be a mission! ( I refuse to sit in someone's kitchen getting my hair braided!.....Been there, done that!)
  • Since I have been transitioning for a year, I have 6+ inches of new growth, in addition to the rest of my hair, which is relaxed, and is now Bra Strap Length. So, I'm not sure how well my hair will blend with the "wet & wavy" hair.......I'd have to ask a professional. But 3 different textures of hair may pose a problem.
  • Since not all of my hair will be braided, a substantial amount will be free within the braids.......therefore, it is really a "protective style?"
Decisions, Decisions........I'll have to make my mind up within the next two weeks so I can order the hair, locate a braider, and schedule an appointment for the first weekend in May. So.....what do you think? What are your experiences with micro's? And what are your plans for your hair this spring and summer?

BTW- The hair is "Janet Collection: Remy Legacy Super French Bulk" in 18 inches. I'm still shopping around for prices. The lowest I've found is $85 a pack. And I'd need 3 packs just to be safe.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just Plain Ol' Lazy!

(This pic is how I feel about deep conditioning my hair....)

Wig wearing has really made me lazy! I have gone from deep conditioning twice a week, to ONCE a month (maybe)! Gone are the days of steaming in conditioners, jumping in and out of the shower to rinse and repeat, and sitting under my hooded dryer. I'm even too lazy to wear my cordless heat cap! times have changed!

Thankfully, the cowashing and moisturizing that I do once a week has kept my hair in great shape. Surprisingly, my hair hasn't suffered at all from the lack of attention. This got me thinking about whether deep conditioning, is even necessary. Also, the term "healthy hair" has started to spark my interest. We all know that hair is dead, therefore, how can something that's dead be healthy? Just pondering......

I can't really say that my revelation of being "hair lazy" will prompt me to change my ways. I really just don't have the time to devote to the process of deep conditioning as often as I once could. To make me feel better about abandoning my weekly deep conditioning sessions, I found this article, that backs up my laziness. It's from the wonderful website and the article is titled, "There's no such thing as Deep Conditioning???" Very interesting.....and worth the read!